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Pig Farm Feed Silo
  • Pig Farm Feed SiloPig Farm Feed Silo
  • Pig Farm Feed SiloPig Farm Feed Silo
  • Pig Farm Feed SiloPig Farm Feed Silo

Pig Farm Feed Silo

Deba Brothers® is a leading China Pig Farm Feed Silo manufacturers. The silo is used for feed storage in large and medium-sized farms, in the outlet with the feeding equipment, can send the feed to the inside feed line. It is easy to install, and can be suitable for all the farms in different size. It has been popular for so many years, and was proven by the farmers for its good functions.

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Product Description

Find a huge selection of Pig Farm Feed Silo from China at Deba Brothers®. Select the right pig farm feed silo from a wide range of different products of Deba brothers®. The silo size depends on daily feed consumption and required storage time. Each pig farm feed silo can only store one kind of feed, and the storage time can reach one week, reducing the time required for each feeding. Feed from the pig farm feed silo will be directly transported to the pig house to reduce labor costs.

Pig Farm Feed Silo Specification






Wholly hot-dip galvanized


Pig raising



Pig Farm Feed Silo Advantage

1.There is a transparent window at the bottom of silo, which is convenient for observing the feeding situation from time to time.
2.Silo composition each connection gap is sealed with a special sealant, which has the advantages of weatherproof, strong, long service life and so on.
3.All screws of silo are made of high-strength galvanized bolts, which are corrosion-resistant and high strength.
4.Reduce labor costs.
5.Quantitative feeding, to avoid artificial feeding feed intake inconsistent lead to uneven nutrition development.
6.Reduce waste, improve aquaculture performance, reduce farming cost.
7.Closed cutting design, is conducive to breeding health.

Pig Farm Feed Silo details

1.40°silo roof: Prevent rainwater from entering the silo.
2.Silo bottom: Provide conditions for feed transportation.
3.Silo lid: To silo opened, closed and locked.
4.Ladder on the side of silo: Safe and reliable, easy to observe.

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