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Company introduction

Debabrother (This is our abbreviation of our company) is a professional supplier on animal husbandry equipment. We are located in Qingdao, Shandong province, where is convenient for sea transportation. Since established in 2010, we have been dedicated to develop and supply comfortable and efficient equipment for animals. Our main products are pig stall, pig floor and pig feeder.

Our engineers have more than ten years’ experience in animal husbandry engineering. We have designed and provided many advanced equipments, such as farrowing crates, stalls,feeders, slats and troughs. All the products we developed are manufactured in our factories, which have many years’ experience in producing the animal husbandry equipment. Now, DebaBrother is becoming the most famous high-end brand in China. Beside the market in China, our products are mainly exported to Europe, Australia, Russia, USA and Latin America.

Thanks to the reliable quality and competitive price, all our customers have long-term cooperation with us and provide the feedback from the end user to help us to improve the products. Beside the products you can see on our website, we are always available to make the products accoring to your requirement. At the same time, we can provide complete solutions for middle-size pig and dairy farm, from planning, design to equipment installation and farm training. We have finished several pig and dairy farms in China, Russia,Korea and Vietnam. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiry and hoping to provide you the excellent products and solution.