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Deba Brothers® is a professional Pig Farm PP Penning supplier in China. Group housing of sows improves their well-being as well as their constitution. Our company provide Pig Farm PP Penning system for sows, the sows can move around freely in the Pig Farm PP Penning. The PP penning of PP material is not easily to hurt sows.

Our engineers have more than ten years’ experience in animal husbandry engineering. We have designed and provided many advanced equipments, such as farrowing crates, stalls,feeders, slats and troughs.

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PP Sow Penning

PP Sow Penning

Deba Brothers® is a leading China PP Sow Penning manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. The sow and pig fatten crates are manufactured by adopting the overall hot dip galvanizing technology. They are internally and externally anti-corrosion. Connection points are not welded, crates can be produced in batches and assembled on the spot.

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Pig Farm PP Penning in stock can be customized from DEBA Brothers. Our factory is a professional Pig Farm PP Penning manufacturers and suppliers in China. If your wholesale quantity is large, we can provide the factory price. We can provide price list and quotation.