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Plastic Floor for Pigs
  • Plastic Floor for PigsPlastic Floor for Pigs
  • Plastic Floor for PigsPlastic Floor for Pigs
  • Plastic Floor for PigsPlastic Floor for Pigs

Plastic Floor for Pigs

High quality Plastic Floor for Pigs is offered by China manufacturers Deba Brothers®. Deba Brothers specially developed a new plastic floor for the piglets. The whole fecal leakage board uses a mesh fecal leakage hole, and each leakage seam is treated with an arc, so that the little pig is more comfortable when standing on the plastic floor, and it is not easy to be injured. . Moreover, each floor has a load-bearing capacity of 300 kg, and there is a splicing space between the floors to reduce the difficulty of cleaning.

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Product Description

Deba Brothers® is a leading China Plastic Floor for Pigs manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. Most of the plastic floor for pigs produced by Deba Brothers® are green, symbolizing Deba Green. The high-quality plastic floor for pigs is ideally suited for piglet rearing pens. The optimum solid-to-void ratio keeps the floor clean and promotes healthy piglets. The piglets stand on the plastic floor for pigs with their front feet without slipping while they are suckling.

Plastic Floor for Pigs Specification

Pig type application








Single rib


Single rib


Single rib


Plastic Floor for Pigs Advantage

1.Anti-aging,anti-corrosion,long service life, pp, no doping
2.Plastic floor materials are mostly PP, light weight, easy disassembly, strong, constant temperature with the role of protection can be used in farrowing crate and weaning crate.
3.Zigzag card slots are distributed twice for easy installation and replacement, each card slot is provided with secondary protrusions, increasing the rate of fecal leakage and reducing the difficult of cleaning.
4.The bottom eight floors are reinforced by, a single reinforcement up to 300 kg.

Plastic Floor for Pigs details

1.Material thickening: Zigzag shape connection for easy install and change.
2.Double bearing beam design: The bottom are reinforce treated, bearing up to 300 kg.
3.Card slot docking: All edges have arc treatment, improving the comfort of the piglet, when it is on the floor.
4.Small temperature difference: Prevent large temperature difference between day and night, piglets are cold or burnt.
5.Jagged card slot, standard aperture, PP material, double bearing beam.

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