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Deba Brothers® is professional pig farm designer and equipment manufacturer with experienced R&D team. Deba Brothers update its business model from machinery manufacturer & supplier to pig farm designer and EPC construction supplier, we offer total solution, from pig farm design to infrastructure, to construct, to full line machinery and equipment installation and training how to use it. 
We will provide you modern pig farm design according to local conditions, which reliably meet all requirements of your farm.
Prevention of ASF
We design the pig farm with batch system, every batch move all in all out, it’s reduce the chance of cross-infection, which is conducive to the prevention and treatment of ASF. The disinfecting equipment and feed transmission equipment help prevention of ASF.

Energy and cost saving
Save more than 20% -70% of floor space
Save electricity and reduce electricity bill by more than 50%
Save water, reduce water bill by more than 30%
Save feed and reduce the FCR by more than 0.1

Friendly environmental
Air washer system and sewage manure treatment system help control Greenhouse gas emissions, treated waste can be reused.

Intelligent Feeding
We provide the intelligent systems, which controls the entire feeding process.  The system with WIFI compatible for rapid data transfer to handheld tablets or phone.
Clock functions and advanced control options allow you to set the feeding process to suit the system on your farm. The operating panel is simple and easy to use.

Start your farm design
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Customized Pig Farm Design can be bought at cheap price. As a professional China Pig Farm Design manufacturers and suppliers, Deba Brothers has price list and quotation. Welcome to wholesale products from our factory. Our products are in stock.
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