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The Deba brothers® is a professional China weaning stall manufacturers, we have produced two types of weaning tanks for the growth of piglets.
Piglet weaning stall is a professional equipment for taking care of the piglets which are 35 days old and already weaned. The weaning stall size is rational which can meet the whole brood of piglets need. The form of the exterior wall can be modified to different requirements of customers. The PVC board is more closes, providing a closed space for the pig. The floor in the weaning stall will be a plastic drain floor, which is strong and durable.
The whole weaning stall is very easy to install and no need to be welded.
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PVC Surrounding Nursery Crate

PVC Surrounding Nursery Crate

High quality PVC Surrounding Nursery Crate is offered by China manufacturers Deba Brothers®. The surrounding of the nursery piglet pen can choose the two forms of PVC and galvanized steel according to different requirements of customers. The metal stall is better ventilated, suitable for nursery barn warm weather. The PVC board is more closed, the plastic drain floor, strong and durable, facilitate the transportation assembly. It is easy to clean and does not hurt pigs.

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Customized Weaning Stall can be bought at cheap price. As a professional China Weaning Stall manufacturers and suppliers, Deba Brothers has price list and quotation. Welcome to wholesale products from our factory. Our products are in stock.
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