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Automatic Feeding System Pigs
  • Automatic Feeding System PigsAutomatic Feeding System Pigs
  • Automatic Feeding System PigsAutomatic Feeding System Pigs
  • Automatic Feeding System PigsAutomatic Feeding System Pigs
  • Automatic Feeding System PigsAutomatic Feeding System Pigs

Automatic Feeding System Pigs

High quality Automatic Feeding System Pigs is offered by China manufacturers Deba Brothers®. Pig chain auto feeding system named dry feeding system. We would give you our suggestion according to your pig farm. The use of automatic feeding system can meet the unmanned operation, accurate operation. As an essential part of modern pig farms, it greatly improve the production efficiency, save feed and costs.

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Product Description

Deba Brothers® is one of the manufacturers that developed the automatic feeding system pigs earlier. Whenever dry feed, be it mash, crumbles or pellets, has to be conveyed or distributed on a pig farm, automatic feeding system pigs is the ideal transport system – from the silo discharge all the way to the feed trough.

Automatic Feeding System Pigs Accessories




Main engine



Electric control box






Shell: stainless steel/polycarbonate

Inner wheel: cast iron/polyamide

Bayonet: polyamide

Quantitative tube


Transparent PP

Feeding pipe &Chain disc



Automatic Feeding System Pigs Advantage

1.Automatic button operation, reduce the entry and exit of personnel, reduce the payment of artificial labor such as frequent moving feed, feeding, and increase labor productivity.
2.The automatic feeding system can reduce the labor intensity of the breeder, fully automatic operation, improve the production efficiency of the farm, and has the characteristics of stable performance, reliable use and low failure rate.
3.Realize the data statistics for automatic feeding and data system.
4.A breeder can feed 600 to 1200 sows. Save over 50% of the labor, and take only one minute to feed 300 sows.
5.The adjustable transparent distributor has a 0.25kg-3kg gear to control the feed intake of the pregnant sow. Transparent bucket allows observation.
6.Accurately dispenses a pre-determined amount of feed multiple times per day to individual sows. Made of high quality material, durable.

Automatic Feeding System Pigs details

1.Host driver: Ensure the driving force of the feed.
2.Corner:The housing is made of polycarbonate or stainless steel for stability and durability.
3.Quantitative tube: The time of feeding the sows in the dosing tube is fast, from 60 to 30 minutes to 3 seconds.
4.Silo:The silo is used for feed storage in large and medium-sized farms, in the outlet with the feeding equipment, can send the feed to the inside feed line.

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