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An exclusive interview with the “PIG FARM POWER NETWORK” - CEO of Deba Brothers


Deba Brothers, said that pig farming is a "constant flow", and intelligent devices can reduce long-term costs.


In 2021, China's pig industry is going through an unprecedented "super pig cycle", with the average pig price falling from a high of 20 yuan/kg to a low of 5 yuan/kg! At this time, however, there are still African swine fever and other epidemics seriously threatening the national pig farms, and biosafety is still a long-term project that cannot be relaxed. The complex situation has swept the whole pig industry, and the confidence of farmers across the country continues to decline. A practical and feasible plan of "preventing unstable production, improving quality and efficiency" is urgently needed.


Therefore, the pig farm power network, together with the School of Animal Medicine of Hunan Agricultural University, held the "2021 Second China Pig Industry Enabling Conference and the Awarding Ceremony of the Enabling Honor List" in Chongqing from October 19 to 20, 2021. However, in today's increasingly high pig raising standards, only good pig farms and good equipment can ensure "biological safety" and "improve quality and efficiency" at the same time!


How can we build the best pig farm with the most appropriate breeding equipment? The conference was strongly supported by Qingdao Deba Brothers Machinery Co., Ltd., which has been deeply engaged in the field of breeding equipment for many years. The pig farm power network also had the honor to interview Mr. Michael Xin, the general manager of Qingdao Deba Brothers Machinery Co., Ltd. The following is the interview record.

Two founders of Deba Brothers: General Manager Michael Xin (left), Sales Director (Bruce Wee). In ten years, they have witnessed great changes in pig industry and pig equipment industry at home and abroad.


Q: Why did Deba Brothers choose to start a business in the field of breeding equipment?


A: For a long time, China has been the largest pork consumer and producer in the world, but it imports a large amount of pork from overseas every year. The landing price of pork imported from the United States across the sea is even cheaper than our local pork price!


There are many reasons for this, including feed cost, site cost, equipment cost, labor cost, etc. The founders of our Deba brothers were both agricultural machinery students, so we want to use our learning and efforts to provide more farmers with breeding equipment to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This is the original intention of our Deba brothers and will be the vision we have been working for.

5000 fattening pigs project in America

The United States is a sparsely populated country. Most pig farms are surrounded by large areas of corn fields, which can reduce the burden of feed and reduce the pressure of feces disposal. Kill two birds with one stone, a virtuous circle.


Q: Deba brothers was founded in 2010. What's the history offarmequipment development in the past 11 years?


In short, the development offarm equipment is reflected in four aspects:


The first is the upgrading of equipment, materials and processes.

At the beginning, the materials used in the industry were iron pipes that would rust in two or three years, but now the galvanized stall with a service life of 20 or 30 years is widely used, and more advanced stainless steel, cast iron, PP, PVC, nylon and other materials are used in the construction of pig farms. In terms of technology, such as injection molding of plastic floor, overall stretching of feeder, automatic bending of fence body, automatic welding, etc., a large number of technologies previously used only in high-end manufacturing have been applied to the manufacturing of pig raising equipment.


Philippines · 2000 self breeding pig farm project

The left side is the new farrowing crate of Deba Brothers, and the right side is the original common farrowing crate of customers. The new materials and processes make the pig farm like a new life.


The second is the promotion of standardization and modularization.

In the early stage, individual breeding and small pig farms were all independent, with less communication, and the equipment specifications and installation methods were also uneven. However, after years of development in our entire industry, the pig farm equipment has been very standardized and modular, and the size, layout spacing, quantity and location of equipment have all had very scientific standards.


For example, from manual feeding to automatic feeding line and now to liquid feed and pneumatic feeding, sometimes the equipment of pig farm A can be directly used in pig farm B without modification, which is a development result from the perfect combination of scientific theory and actual production. It is worth noting that the standardization of breeding equipment also means that the civil construction of pig farms is more standardized and scientific, and both complement each other.

Shandong · 4800 breeding pig farm project

All kinds of spacing sizes calculated scientifically bring not only beauty.


Third, the development of automation and intelligence.

In the early days, small pig farms and farmers used manual feeding, which was a hard physical work for pig farm staff. However, with the emergence of automatic feeding lines, it was not necessary for the keepers to go to each pig position to feed manually. The keepers only need to press a button to complete the work that usually required more than ten people to spend several hours.


In the past two years, many intelligent devices have also appeared in the pig farm. All breeding plans can be automatically set and executed through computers. The keepers can sit in the office and blow the air conditioner to remotely check the situation in the pig house through computers and mobile phones. On average, only one or two people are required to watch hundreds of sows. I believe that unmanned and intelligent will be a major development direction of China's pig industry.

France · 600 pig farms

There are only two or three people in charge of the pig farm.


Fourth, the improvement of environmental protection.

Now it is long past the time when a few bricks can be built to make a pigsty. A clean breeding environment has improved and benefited the health of pigs, the health of breeders, the pollution of land and air, and the recycling of waste. Environmental control equipment such as ventilation fan, cooling wet curtain, deodorization spray, manure treatment pool, etc. are more and more common in pig farms, which are beneficial to people, pigs and the great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

Guangdong · 20,000 fattening 10,000 weaning pig farm project

The garden type pig farm surrounded by green requires a full set of environmental protection equipment to maintain a pleasant lawn.

Q: What have Deba brothers achieved in this process?


A: Deba brothers realized six or seven years ago that intelligence and unmanned will be the development direction of future pig farms, so they vigorously promoted automatic equipment and intelligent equipment on the basis of maintaining the research and development of traditional equipment.


We have promoted equipment such as liquid feed, precision feeding, large hurdle group feeding and precision feeding, and also independently developed a lift farrowing crate that can significantly reduce the probability of piglets being crushed to death. Intelligent feeding equipment has been sold and installed in Guangdong, Hebei, Shandong, Liaoning and Qinghai, and the lift farrowing crate have also helped many pig farms in Shandong, Hebei and Taiwan significantly reduce the death rate of piglets.

Shandong Binzhou Lift Farrowing Crate Project


In addition, through the investigation and cooperation of the building pig breeding project, we found that "centralized ventilation" will be an important development trend of the pig farm ventilation mode, while the EC DC variable frequency high negative pressure fan with large air volume and more power saving is the preferred equipment for centralized ventilation.


After years of planning and research and development, at this year's Nanchang Animal Husbandry Exhibition, Deba Brothers also launched their own EC fans, and based on the fan equipment, we also launched a comprehensive environmental control electronic control system to achieve unified monitoring and regulation of temperature and humidity, carbon dioxide concentration, ammonia concentration, oxygen concentration and other environmental factors. In addition to indoor, we have also introduced a complete set of deodorization spray equipment for the exhaust gas from outdoor.

In the 2021 Nanchang Animal Husbandry Expo, the Deba brothers first introduced the EC wind turbine with large wind power consumption


Looking back on the history along the way, Deba Brothers has witnessed the great progress and leapfrog development of pig industry and pig equipment industry at home and abroad from the beginning of OEM service for large domestic and foreign factories to independent research, development, production and sales. The products of Deba Brothers will also continue to move towards a more scientific, more environmentally friendly and more affordable direction, enabling the breeding industry.

We built this ourselves.


Q: Since the emergence of plague, the national pig industry has accelerated its development towards intelligence and scale. However, many people believe that intelligent equipment is not just needed, but will increase costs. What do you think about this?


A: The higher the degree of scale, the higher the degree of intelligence must be. Just now, we mentioned that the more intelligent devices and the higher the degree of intelligence the pig farm is equipped with, the fewer breeders are needed. This alone can greatly reduce the probability of virus transmission between pig houses. In addition, less manpower can greatly reduce the cost of personnel in the pig farm.


And the computer controlled equipment is available all year round, which can ensure the accuracy of feed dosage and time. Short term equipment replacement brings about long-term cost reduction, which is more consistent with the development theme of "cost reduction and efficiency increase" in the pig industry.

Guangdong · 20,000 fattening 10,000 weaning pig farm project

A fattening farm of this size can be easily handled by several computers.


Q: The "Second China Pig Industry Enabling Conference" will be held in October, because the pig industry is in the midst of deep losses, and long-term losses may lead to "excessive capacity reduction". Therefore, the conference will focus on "preventing unstable production, improving quality and efficiency". How do you think our pig industry can better achieve "preventing unstable production"?


A: I don't think the falling pig price is necessarily a bad thing. The continuously falling pig price will inevitably eliminate some speculators who are "temporarily trying to make a living" during the period when the disease is not rampant and the pig price is rising. With the withdrawal of these farmers who want to earn fast money, the pig price will gradually stabilize.


At that time, the competition for pig breeding will be "small water flows long", and stable and efficient breeding equipment will become the key to ensure the cost of major breeding groups and small and medium-sized farms. You just mentioned that the national pig industry is developing towards intelligence and scale at a high speed. I believe that not only we look at "preventing unstable production" like this, but all enterprises and individuals who sincerely devote themselves to the pig industry and want to have a foothold in the pig industry cherish this idea, "A blessing in disguise is a blessing in disguise." Maintaining sustainable and healthy development is fundamental.