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2022 Deba Brothers Corporate Culture Publicity Session


Deba Brothers held a corporate culture promotion on October 29, 2022. In the process of publicity, the employees of the company spoke enthusiastically to answer questions, and the atmosphere was very active.

At first, the training on values was carried out. If a company wants to develop in the long run, it must establish correct values, which is an essential link.

Based on past experience, Deba Brothers has made a great change in feed. They advocate the feeding of liquid feed and fermented feed, which is recognized by more and more pig farmers and will continue in the future.


The Deba Brothers also provided training on business ability and told employees to improve their work efficiency. For this reason, we have prepared a wealth of dinner parties and entertainment projects, and had a very full day.


The company leader is amiable, we are a big family.

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