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Chongqing Deba Brothers opened


On March 13, 2021, the Modern Pig Raising Forum of Deba Brothers and the Opening Ceremony of Deba Brothers in Chongqing were held in Sheraton Chongqing Hotel. Professor Shi Zhengxiang of China Agricultural University was invited to do "Analysis on the Latest Development Trend of China's Large scale Pig Farm Construction", Mr. Martial Sardinx of the French Pig Research Institute did "Optimization of Sow Feeding and Improvement of PSY", and General ManagerMachael Xin of theDebaBrothers gave a report "Discussion on the Development Direction of Pig Raising Equipment in the Current Environment". I was honored to participate in the celebration of the establishment of Qingdao Deba Brothers Machinery Co., Ltd. Chongqing Branch, and felt that innovation has become the main driving force for the development of the industry in the modern society, especially in the process of moving from intensive pig raising to mechanization, modernization and intelligence.

China Agricultural University


Professor Shi Zhengxiang


Analysis on the Latest Development Trend of China's Large scale Pig Farm Construction



Martial Sardinx


Optimizing Sow Feeding to Improve PSY

Qingdao Deba Brothers Machinery Co., Ltd


Machael Xin, General Manager


Discussion on the development direction of pig raising equipment in the current environment

Qingdao Deba Brothers Machinery Co., Ltd


Sales Director · Bruce Wee


Report on the Company's development history and future planning

In recent years, Deba Brothers has continuously introduced new products, mainly including:


——Precision feeding system for lactating sows - ▲MATERNEO

▲ [Classic project] Deba brothers × Anshan MATERNEO/Automatic Material Line Project

▲ [Classic project] Deba brothers × Handan Kaixin Pig Farm MATERNEO Intelligent Feeding Installation




(1) Water and feed fall together;

(2) little quantity and more times;

(3) Feed back blanking;

(4) Feeding curve;

(5) Data storage;

(6) Remote control


——Intelligent Feeding System for Group Breeding of Pregnant Sows -selfi

▲ [Intelligent Feeding] Deba brothers × Xining selfi Intelligent Feeding Project

▲ [Classic project] Deba brothers × Heze Pig Farm




(1) Water and feed fall together;

(2) little quantity and more times;

(3) Feed back blanking;

(4) Feeding curve;

(5) Data storage;

(6) Remote control

(7) Feeding in the big stall;

(8) Ear mark identification, accurate feeding.


The maximum feed intake can reach 8.5kg, the maximum water consumption can reach 80L, the weaning system of piglets can increase by 1kg on average, and the average feed saved per sow per day is 0.5kg. Intelligent feeding is adopted to save labor. The feed tank is clean without manual cleaning, and the loss of sows is minimized.


——Liquid feeding - a sharp tool to reduce the feed to meat ratio!



(1) Water material mixed liquid transportation;

(2) Enclosed conveying to eliminate dust;

(3)Mute all the time to reduce stress reaction.


——Automatic lift farrowing crate for sows

▲ [Classic project] Deba brothers × Binzhou Lift Farrowing Crate Project


Deba Brothers basically solved the problem that piglets were crushed to death by sows.


——Multi storey pig farm design and equipment installation

▲ [Multi Storey Raising Pigs] Deba Brothers × The project of Qiquan farming and animal husbandry multi storey and pig farms will be completed soon



(1) Save land and increase the scale of pig raising;

(2) Centralized pig raising facilitates the disposal of sewage;

(3) It is convenient for air inlet filtration and deodorization


Their main technical measures in building pig factory:


(1) Plug transmission, reducing equipment procurement cost and operation cost;

(2) Plug transmission reduces the risk of cross infection;

(3) Reduce floor spacing and reduce costs;

(4) Plastic floor and composite floor are widely used in the building to replace cement floor;

(5) PVC board replaces metal fence and cement wall, which is safer and lighter


On March 11, 2021, Premier Li Keqiang mentioned again at the press conference of the two sessions that "the main body of innovation is enterprises". Premier Li made special mention of the innovative development of young people. Ltd. is an innovative and knowledge-based pig raising equipment enterprise. In 10 years since 2010, there have been nearly 1500 large customer groups and 7 categories of products, covering all facilities and equipment for pig raising, including sows, piglets, medium pigs and large pigs; Including all equipment such as gestation house, farrowing house, piglet weaning house, fattening house and performance measurement; The biosafety of the pig farm has been considered, and the disinfection, air purification, filtration, odor treatment, decontamination center and other equipment have been added; Developed intelligent equipment such as automatic feeding system, automatic material line, drying system, temperature regulation, harmful gas monitoring, which can fully meet the requirements of the turnkey project.


Often, important scientific discoveries come from inspiration, and inspiration usually comes from practice. The entrepreneurs of Deba Brothers Group are the pioneers of pig raising equipment and engineering practice. They practice first, summarize continuously, upgrade to theory, promote and realize the transformation from practice to theory. The entrepreneurs of Deba Brothers Group are the pioneers of reform and innovation in the field of pig breeding facilities and equipment. They explore, explore experience and summarize lessons in practice. After graduation, Machael Xin and Bruce Wee led a group of people of insight to form a team that is brave to climb the scientific peak, fearless of hardship, striving for entrepreneurship, being one heart and one mind, and achieving harmony and win-win results. After ten years of sharpening, he has grown into a contemporary knowledge-based entrepreneur. They lead their employees day and night to create wealth for the society; They are the core force of innovation in the pig raising machinery industry. They have become the main body of innovation in the real pig raising mechanization industry. They continue to innovate to promote technological progress in the industry, create more valuable products, serve the society, and generate greater social wealth. The annual sales will reach 150 million yuan by 2020.


At present, we should achieve the goal of moving from a large pig breeding country to a powerful pig breeding country. To become a powerful pig breeding country, our production indicators must reach the international advanced level. To achieve good production indicators, we must make pigs live more and die less. To achieve efficient pig breeding, we must do a good job in biosafety. Michael Xin introduced that they continued to adhere to the bottom line of biosafety by relying on the hardware conditions of pig farm biosafety through engineering epidemic prevention, research and development of facilities and equipment; We want to achieve a powerful pig breeding country, which requires that the economic benefits of the pig industry reach a reasonable level and have good economic benefits. Deba Brothers makes great efforts to research and develop the process design to improve the utilization rate of the unit pig house, so as to achieve the durability of pig breeding equipment. The amortization rate is less each year. To improve the utilization rate of the total pig house, it is necessary to scientifically design the pig house and effective equipment supporting facilities; We should realize the powerful country of pig breeding, stable and sustainable development of pig breeding, and sustainable development of pig breeding; We must respect the environment, adhere to the environment-friendly pig industry, and protect the environment. We must have modern sewage treatment equipment and effective and low-cost waste collection facilities; In order to achieve the goal of making China a powerful country in pig breeding, it is necessary to achieve the consistency of good resource allocation and effective scale, and to reasonably layout pig houses and comfortable supporting equipment; The breeding plan should be formulated according to the market demand, and the contradiction between market supply and demand should be effectively adjusted. We should appeal to the government to create a good business environment for pig production, and we should appeal to the government to solve the legal guarantee of pig land. We should also solve the internal coordination and competition, and change bad competition into technical competition and into labor productivity competition.