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Feeding and management measures for farrowing sow


The goal of feeding and management of lactating sows is to obtain higher weaning amount and higher weaning survival rate. The management measures mainly focus on enhancing the lactation of sows. Generally, lactation is related to many factors: variety, parity, litter size, nutritional factors, environment, etc. According to these influencing factors, we must first select a variety. Under certain conditions of sow variety, we must ensure the nutrition of lactating sows, improve the living environment of sows and use correct pig raising equipment (intelligent feeding system for lactating sows), so that sows can produce enough milk to meet the needs of piglets. Therefore, in raising, we should make good use of pig raising equipment and feed quality, so that piglets can successfully pass the birth pass. 1. In the long run, if sows with large feed intake are selected as backup sows, the feed intake of different individuals (even in the same farm) will be different. We need to find them.




2.Intelligent feeding mode


This method is based on the sow litter situation, using a small number of meals to eliminate waste and reduce bacterial breeding. Accurately feed and reasonably plan the feed amount required for each pig meal, and provide fresh feed+fresh water to achieve personalized feeding of sows, so as to maximize the feed intake of lactating sows.




3.Correct weaning method


It is not easy to raise piglets well. If it is not done well, it will easily lead to diseases such as piglet multiple system failure syndrome at weaning. Therefore, it is necessary to put forward the idea of weaning in batches, that is, to decide when to wean according to the weaning weight rather than the daily age.



From the above point of view, if the pig farm owner wants to solve the problem of feeding management of weaning sows, he must start from reality and find out the problem so as to better solve the problem of feeding weaning sows and avoid unnecessary losses to the pig farm.




Deba Brothers suggested to use the intelligent feeding system for sows, which can reasonably plan the feed and water consumption required for pig meals, and can ensure the feed and water consumption of each pig. It is a simple, reasonable and scalable management system for lactating sows. From the monitoring of silo supply, to the automatic feeding management, and the later stage auxiliary equipment monitoring of sow delivery, it can achieve the whole process control and provide data analysis of the whole process. This system combines ear tag identification, dry/wet mixed feeding, precise feeding control, sow diet monitoring, and sow feeding plan management.



The key function of the product is "dry feed+fresh water", which can improve the feed intake of sows, and then regulate the high-yield milk, with the meat to feed ratio of 2.8.


While ensuring that each sow can have a reasonable diet, the product can also be fed several times in a small amount, which greatly improves the pig production.




At the same time, the disease was effectively controlled.


The most important thing is that this product can improve the efficiency of sows, which is reflected in the rapid postpartum oestrus return of sows, improved delivery rate and increased litter size.


It has made significant contributions to saving resources and increasing efficiency of pig farms.

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