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The pig farm stinks. Even pigs can't stand it. What if they always get sick?


Many pig raising friends have unreasonable pig farm planning. The pig farm stinks all the year round, and people can't get in at all. What should we do? Although some friends' pig farms are reasonably planned, they can't remove the odor. After staying for a long time, they will make people's brains ache and make people unable to work normally. What should we do?


We went to guide some advanced pig farms and found that although some pig farms had no obvious odor and the pig houses were clean, the pigs always got sick. We summarized these reasons to see if there were any pits you stepped on:


Some friends of rural self-employed farmers raise pigs in order to save costs. When the pig farm was built, only windows and vents were reserved, and no professional exhaust fan was installed at all. As a result, the pig farm was stinky and suffered from it.




In some large-scale pig farms, although exhaust fans were installed when the farms were built, the exhaust fans were small in size, power and quantity, which could not let the air circulate in the farms. People who stayed in the farms for a long time would still have a headache.


The third kind of pig farm has no obvious odor and the surface is clean. Why do pigs always get sick? Apart from the fact that the surface is clean, the disinfection process is ignored. Also because the exhaust fan is not always on. The exhaust fan is installed, why not turn it on often? Because it uses too much electricity. In the environment of energy conservation, emission reduction and power rationing, the power consumption of enterprises is also limited.


How can we solve the above problems?


It is suggested that pig farmers should install exhaust fans when building pig farms. When installing exhaust fan, be sure to install exhaust fan with large specification and power. Select high-power exhaust fan, and be sure to select energy-saving exhaust fan.




Here we recommend you to consider the high specification energy-saving exhaust fan produced by Deba Brothers.


The EC motor high negative pressure fan produced by Deba Brothers can save 70% of electricity every year. Not only energy saving, low noise and high efficiency, but also different specifications can be customized. Customized specifications can also meet the high voltage of 400pa. It is a good choice for friends to meet the needs of pig farms of different sizes.




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