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How to reduce piglet crush death rate by 80%


Recently, many friends who just entered the pig industry have the same doubts. It was a very happy thing that their sows gave birth. But a few days later, he became very sad. His sow killed the piglets one after another.




From the reaction of friends in the pig industry, it can be seen as follows:


1.Protection of sows. Sows with good maternal characteristics will observe their piglets and sleep slowly to ensure that they do not crush the piglets, while those with poor maternal characteristics will not.


2.Sows that have just given birth to piglets. The sow is extremely weak after delivery, so they can't worry about the piglets at this time.


3.Sows with poor health and insufficient milk. The piglet will always surround the sow when the sow has insufficient milk, which will make the sow fidgetyback and forth, thus increasing the crush coefficient of the piglet.


4.Whether the delivery room is equipped with delivery bed equipment. The probability of killing piglets will be increased if there is no delivery bed equipment installed or if there is a delivery bed without anti pressure function.


5.Piglet's own vitality. Newborn piglets have poor flexibility and are more likely to be killed if they cannot avoid the sow in time



Because of the above reasons, how should we deal with it!


The lift farrowing crate has achieved this. The death rate of piglets crushed by sows has been reduced by 90%. The annual cost recovery can reduce the labor input to the farrowing house; Adopt air pressure to lift the sow, low noise, energy saving;


The farrowing crate is made of stainless steel, which is solid and durable; The whole hot-dip galvanized fence body is adopted, which is rust proof and pressure free for 30 years; The back door of the fence body can be turned over, making the space of the stall space large or small.


Cast iron floor is used for the floor of the sow, and fully impregnated carbon steel mesh floor is used for the piglet, which is non slip and does not hurt the hoof;




The feeding trough adopts stainless steel stretching feeder, which can be turned over at a large angle;


When the sow gets up to eat, the sow and the piglet are in a separate state, reducing the impact of piglets on the feed intake of the sow and increasing the feed intake of the sow.




From the above, it can be seen that the lift farrowing crate brings obvious benefits to the pig farm, which also confirms the original intention of our research and development of the lift farrowing crate, which is to help the pig farm solve the problem that piglets are killed by sows, and also save resources for the pig farm and increase production benefits.

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