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How to save pig farm electricity bills 50%+


Reducing the cost of pig raising is the goal that everyone pursues. Different goals pursue different understanding, and of course, there will be different results. Only scientific epidemic prevention, management, feeding and creating a good living environment can reduce the cost, otherwise it will be difficult to reduce the cost.




To reduce the cost of pig raising, we should start from the overall situation. If you build a simple pig house, it seems that the cost will be reduced, but in fact, you will pay the price slowly in the future pig raising. Because the pig houses are low and short, and only pay attention to the design of keeping warm in winter, the air in the pig house will not be fresh and convective. Once the pig density is high, ammonia will make the pigs cough badly, the drug use will increase, the disease will continue, and the drug cost will increase. It is not easy to cool pigs in summer. If we do not take other measures such as traditional AC fans, we may not be able to raise pigs, and the electricity bill is too high.


It can be seen from the above that the power consumption of the fan accounts for a considerable part in the pig farm. How can we solve the power consumption of the fan! This is also a problem that many pig farm owners pay attention to. At this time, let's talk about the EC fan here to let everyone know how much the EC fan can save for the pig farm!




The high pressure of EC high negative pressure fan is 150pa, and the air volume reaches 28000. The customized fan can meet the high pressure of 400Pa at most. EC motor is adopted as a whole, which is energy-saving, low noise and high efficiency. The electric control module is directly connected to collect fan information for precise control.

IE4 is energy efficient, saving 70% electricity every year. It is suitable for multi storey pig breeding and installing deodorizing wet curtain.

One of the characteristics of building pig breeding is high concentration. The high-density breeding environment also brings high-density exhaust emissions. How to effectively, green and environmentally-friendly ventilation for building pig breeding is the top priority. Deba Brothers recommended that centralized fans be used for ventilation in the pig breeding mode of multi storey, together with centralized deodorization and filtration system, which can effectively treat waste gas and basically achieve zero gas pollution. It is more convenient for inspection and maintenance, and will not bring construction risks to maintenance personnel because of high storey. And the ventilation shaft used for centralized ventilation can also be used to lay other pipes needed by stairs, such as fecal pipes, water lines, wires, etc.




According to the calculation of previous cases, about 360~400 sets 900mm high pressure fans are required for 10000 basic sows breeding pig farms. Calculated by using the above energy saving data (calculated by 380 sets):


7744x380=2,942,720 kWh Unit price: 0.7 yuan/kWh Annual saving: 2.06 million yuan




To sum up, after replacing the traditional AC fan of the pig farm with the EC high negative pressure fan, its current value can be greatly reduced. On the premise of not changing its air supply volume, wind speed and air supply mode, it also has the function of noise reduction, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption during the operation of the fan and achieve a very significant goal of energy conservation and emission reduction. Not only that, but also made a significant contribution to the cost saving of pig farms.


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