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Modern pig farm little not these 6 pig equipment


With the development of pig industry, pig farms also bid farewell to the original dirty pig raising mode, let pig farms toward modernization and large-scale development, liberate manual labor, improve the production efficiency of pig farms, modern pig farms without the existence of the following 6 pig raising equipment!

Modern pig raising equipment
1, the bar body
According to the different structure can be divided into fence type, comprehensive type and so on. A solid pigsty is a brick wall with cement and concrete preforms. Modern pig pens include parturient pens, nursery pens, sow pens, breeding pens and so on.

2. Automatic feeding equipment
Automatic feeding equipment mainly includes feed tower, feed line, intelligent feeder and so on. It can effectively improve the production efficiency of pig farms, liberate labor, reduce labor intensity, block the risk of bacterial transmission caused by feed transportation, effectively avoid the feeding stress of pigs, ensure fresh feed, reduce pollution, and realize the timing and quantitative feeding of pigs.

Environmental control equipment
3. Environmental control system
The environmental control system mainly includes water curtain, fan, rolling curtain, exhaust fan, etc., which can effectively relieve the stress of pigs brought by high temperature in summer, promote air circulation inside the pighouse, and reduce the occurrence of diseases.

4. Manure pollution treatment
Feces treatment mainly includes blister feces, feces scraping board, dry and wet separator and other manual labor input. Centralized treatment of feces is more conducive to environmental protection.

5. Drinking water system
Piggery is usually installed with free drinking water devices, effectively avoid water pollution, avoid the spread of disease.

6. Disinfection equipment
Disinfection is an important work in pig farms. Generally, spray disinfection and flame disinfection are used to comprehensively disinfect the inside of pig houses and pig raising equipment, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization and disinfection.