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Pig Manure Scraper
  • Pig Manure ScraperPig Manure Scraper
  • Pig Manure ScraperPig Manure Scraper

Pig Manure Scraper

Find a huge selection of Pig Manure Scraper from China at Deba Brothers®. Poultry manure scraper system pig dung removal system,Due to the advanced livestock equipment put into use,mechanical manure removal gradually replaced the manual manure removal,currently the most commonly used manure removal equipment is automatic manure removal machine.

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Product Description

Deba Brothers® is a professional leader China Pig Manure Scraper manufacturers with high quality and reasonable price. Deba Brothers’® Pig manure scraper stands for an animal-friendly pig production method that produces reduced emissions whilst maintaining profitability. Pig manure scraper with solid concrete flooring and a connected system for manure removal. The pig manure scraper separates collection of faeces and urine: the manure can easily be processed further (drying, composting)

Pig Manure Scraper Specification




Stainless Steel


Type Hemp Rope

Clean degree




Pig Manure Scraper Advantage

1.Automatic control,simple operation.
2.To achieve feces and urine direct separation in the pig shed.
3.Multi-level power transmission,increasing friction more powerful.
4.Scraper 304 stainless steel material,strong,durable and corrosion-resistant,enhance equipment lifetime.
5.380V three-phase power supply power output.
6.A host can run 1-4 manure scraper,scraping manure longest travel 140 meters.
7.Manure removed effectively, save labor cost.
8.Easy installation , maintenance and operation.
9.Save electricity, one day open one time.

Pig Manure Scraper details

1.Automatic manure removal machine includes the rack.
2.Power mechanism.
3.Transmission mechanism,traction rope manure scraper.
4.Anchor bolts,electrical system.

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