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Introducing European Style Farrowing Crate: Enhancing Animal Welfare and Efficiency


At Debabrothers, we take pride in offering our customers the most advanced European style farrowing crate designed to meet the needs of modern pig farming. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions that not only prioritize animal welfare but also deliver cost savings for our valued customers. Allow us to introduce our European Style Farrowing Crate, a cutting-edge system that ensures the well-being of both sows and piglets while maximizing operational efficiency.

  1. Adjustable Dimensions: Tailored to Sow Size We understand that sows come in various sizes, which is why our farrowing crates feature adjustable dimensions. Both the length and width of the crate can be easily modified to accommodate different sow sizes, providing a comfortable and secure environment for each individual sow.

  2. High Capacity Stainless Steel Tipping Trough To streamline the feeding process and minimize wastage, our farrowing crate is equipped with a high capacity stainless steel tipping trough. This durable trough allows for efficient feeding, ensuring that sows have access to an ample supply of feed without any spills or mess.

  3. Hot-Dip Galvanization for Longevity To guarantee the longevity of our farrowing crates, we employ a meticulous hot-dip galvanization process. This treatment forms a protective coating on the surface of the crate, preventing rust and corrosion even in demanding farming conditions. You can trust that our crates will withstand the test of time, providing a reliable and durable housing solution for your sows and piglets.

  4. Adjustable Anti-Pressure Bars for Piglet Safety The well-being of piglets is of utmost importance, and our farrowing crate addresses this by incorporating adjustable anti-pressure bars. As the piglets grow, the height of these bars can be easily adjusted to ensure constant protection and safety, preventing any accidental crushing incidents.

  5. Comprehensive Accessories for Piglet Care We understand the significance of providing a nurturing environment for piglets during the critical early stages. Our farrowing crate is equipped with a range of essential accessories, including feeders, water bowls, incubators, and heating pads. These accessories contribute to creating an optimal environment for piglet growth and well-being, enabling them to thrive under the best possible conditions.

  6. Flexible Crate Width for Sow Comfort Recognizing that sow comfort is crucial for their overall health and productivity, our European style farrowing crate offers adjustable width. This flexibility ensures that each sow can have ample space to move comfortably within the crate, promoting a stress-free environment that enhances their well-being.

Choose Debabrothers for Superior Farrowing Crate Solutions When it comes to European style farrowing crates, Debabrothers stands out as a trusted and reliable supplier. Our commitment to animal welfare, combined with our focus on providing cost-effective solutions, sets us apart in the industry. With our advanced farrowing crate system, you can enhance both the welfare of your sows and the productivity of your pig farming operation.

Experience the benefits of our European Style Farrowing Crate and witness the positive impact it can have on your farm. Contact Debabrothers today to learn more about our innovative solutions and how they can elevate your pig farming practices to new heights.

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