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The Welsafe Farrowing Crate by Deba Brothers®: Pioneering Piglet Safety and Animal Welfare


At Deba Brothers®, we understand the challenges of large-scale pig farming. One of the most pressing issues is maintaining a balance between animal welfare and reducing piglet mortality rates. That's why we've developed the Welsafe Farrowing Crate, an innovative solution designed to revolutionize the way pig farming is conducted.

The Welsafe Farrowing Crate, a flagship product of Deba Brothers®, stands at the forefront of modern farrowing systems. It is crafted to significantly decrease the workload of farmers during farrowing, promoting both animal welfare and boosting piglet survival rates.

Our Welsafe Farrowing Crate distinguishes itself with a unique design that adjusts to the sow's physical changes. It includes a designated stall for the sow, a comfortable lying area, and integrated feeding and watering systems. Safety is paramount in our design, with stainless steel plates encircling the sow's stall, preventing piglets from slipping underneath.

The robust design of the Welsafe Farrowing Crate can support a total weight of 500-600 kg, including the crate mechanism, sow stall, and the sow herself. This sustainable design optimizes energy usage, reflecting Deba Brothers®' commitment to creating environmentally friendly farming solutions.

The Welsafe Farrowing Crate is designed to reduce stress on the pig herd during procedures such as tail docking or vaccination. The crate's design divides the pen into two areas, simplifying piglet handling for workers, thereby promoting animal welfare.

Deba Brothers®' Welsafe Farrowing Crate is a game-changer in improving pig farm management, enhancing animal welfare, and reducing piglet mortality. With proper use and regular maintenance, this innovative product ensures maximum effectiveness, leading to healthier pigs, happier farmers, and a more sustainable farming industry.