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Increasing Healthy Piglets and Reducing Workload: The Role of Pneumatic Adjustable Farrowing Crates


The industry generally recognizes that while the number of piglets per litter isn't low, the number of healthy piglets typically isn't high. For large-scale pig farms, it is essential to ensure that the number of farrowing crates doesn't overwhelm the workers, thereby impacting the number of healthy piglets. So, how can we reduce workload and increase the number of healthy piglets?

Pneumatic adjustable farrowing crates are an effective solution. With their rising and lowering mechanism, they can significantly reduce the workload of caretakers during farrowing while ensuring a high number of healthy piglets. The crates adjust according to the sow's physical changes, with the lifting part including the sow's stall, the lying area, and the feeder and waterer. When raised, the area around the sow's floor is completely covered by stainless steel plates, preventing piglets from falling underneath.

The pneumatic farrowing crate uses a control rod attached to the sow's stall to raise the sow's platform when she stands and lower it when she lies down. This system ensures that the platform is at the same level as the piglet area when the sow is lying down, and it's elevated when the sow is feeding.

The compressed air needed for the pneumatic system is supplied by an air compressor installed elsewhere on the farm. The compressor doesn't need to be in the pigsty, and the farm only needs to provide a roughly 6 square meter room for it. It's important to avoid placing the air compressor in the same room as feed or water equipment to prevent dust and moisture from entering the air system.

The adjustable farrowing crate can hold a total weight of 500-600 kg, including the crate mechanism, sow stall, and sow herself. Consequently, energy consumption is directly reflected in the compressor's electricity consumption. Correct usage of the system can both demonstrate its advantages and reduce energy consumption.

The use of an adjustable farrowing crate can significantly reduce the labor intensity and stress caused to the pig herd during procedures like tail docking or vaccination. The crate divides the pen into two areas, making it easier for workers to catch piglets.

In conclusion, the adjustable farrowing crate is an effective tool in improving the management of pig farms, increasing the number of healthy piglets, and enhancing profitability. Proper use and maintenance can ensure the maximum effectiveness of the equipment.