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【Multi Storey project】Sichuan Qiquan group 10000 sows farm



Modern Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Park of Intelligent Ecological Stereoscopic Breeding Farm for Complete Farming and Animal Husbandry of 10000 High quality Pigs in Suining City, Sichuan Province.


This project is a key demonstration project of Qiquan farm animal husbandry multi storey model pig farm, and will be used as the experimental base of the new multi storey model.


The total investment of the project is expected to be 463 million yuan. A 12000 big data intelligent ecological three-dimensional breeding pig breeding building will be built, and a 100000 non resistant fattening pig breeding building will be built, as well as organic fertilizer workshop, green pepper planting and other projects. After the completion of the project, more than 12000 breeding pigs can be stocked, more than 300000 high-quality piglets can be provided annually, and 100000 pigs can be bred and raised by the company without resistance.


The intelligent non resistant green pig breeding building can save more than 90% of the land and more than 70% of the water. It is fully enclosed for breeding, and intelligently controls ventilation to reduce the spread and occurrence of diseases. The aquaculture waste shall be collected in a unified way, and the centralized treatment and discharge shall be carried out on the roof. Big data analysis, intelligent control and digital management shall be carried out in the aquaculture process.


As the equipment supplier of this project, Deba Brothers is responsible for the scheme design and construction of the gestation house, farrowing house, nursery house, conventional pipe diameter automatic feeding system and large pipe diameter automatic feeding system.


The project is located in Sichuan Province. The local climate is humid and rainy, and there are many mountain roads and gullies, which poses great challenges to our cargo transportation and installation, but this will not be a reason. It is our work goal to ensure the customer's experience and production plan, and it is our work status to work overtime and day and night.

The breeding pig building in the project has eight floors in total, and the floor height is nearly 4 meters. We are faced with the problem of how to make the sows in the eight floors eat freely. The lifting material line and the material line in the building are about 4500 meters in total, and there are 16 supporting material towers with a climbing height of 28 meters. This will be the top priority of the whole project. We do not allow mistakes.

In order to ensure the biosafety requirements of the pig farm, Deba Brothers has specially equipped a large diameter automatic feed line system for this project, which is also a means of prevention and control of African swine fever advocated by Deba Brothers.


The feed truck will not enter the plant, but will send the feed to the transfer silo outside the fence of the plant, and then the feed will be transported to the silo by the large diameter feed line, which can achieve the effect of epidemic prevention and ensure the feed supply.

The whole project is divided into two phases, and the fattening building of Phase II project has also been in the civil construction phase. Deba Brothers will continue to provide customers with high-quality production equipment and considerate services.

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