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【Multi Storey project】Hunan Shaoyang Multi Storey 3600 sows farm


The project adopts the multi storey breeding mode, covering an area of 320 mu, with a total investment of 120 million yuan. It is planned to keep 3600 sows on hand, and provide 100000 commercial fattening pigs to Shaoyang every year. At present, the construction of four storey buildings in Phase I project has been completed.

This is the first multi storey breeding project of Deba Brothers in Hunan Province, and the third multi storey breeding project after Lingguang County, South Korea and Suining, Sichuan. With rich experience in multi storey pig farm design and installation, we are also confident in this project.


▲South Korea 4800 sows multi storey project


▲ Sichuan10000sows multi storey project


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