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Feed Save Sow Feeder
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Feed Save Sow Feeder

Deba Brothers® is a leading China Feed Save Sow Feeder manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. The high-back stretch trough adopts integrated molding technology, which is processed by a piece of 1.5-2.0mm stainless steel plate through multiple times of stretching, cutting and flanging technology.

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Product Description

Deba Brothers® is a professional feed save sow feeder manufacturer and supplier in China. The feed save sow feeder is recommended to use the sow trough on the production bed because the feed save sow feeder’s back is high, which can prevent the sow from arching the feed out of the trough and effectively reduce the feed waste.

Feed Save Sow Feeder Specifications




Stainless steel




Pig raising



Feed Save Sow Feeder Advantage

1.The inner and outer surfaces of the entire trough surface are smooth, all of which are transitioned by large-diameter arcs. No dead space leading to feed residues.
2.The high back design prevents the sow from spreading the feed from the back when arching the feed.
3.The connecting device that can be turned out is convenient for cleaning the trough in time and reducing labor intensity.
4.Applicable: farrowing crate, gestation crate.

Feed Save Sow Feeder details

1.Healthy diet: Large amount, one-piece surface is smooth, easy to clean.
2.SS material: Durable, resistant to falling, corrosion resistant.
3.Crimping design: Smooth hem around, does not hurt the pig’s mouth.
4.One piece: Large container, no rust.
5.Smooth surface: Durable, resistant to corrosion, resistant to falling.
6.Adjust the height: Adjust the height can be easily selected.
7.Crimped design: Crimped design, smooth and wear-resistant, does not hurt the pig’s mouth.

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