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Cooling Pad for Pig
  • Cooling Pad for PigCooling Pad for Pig
  • Cooling Pad for PigCooling Pad for Pig
  • Cooling Pad for PigCooling Pad for Pig

Cooling Pad for Pig

Deba Brothers® is a leading China Cooling Pad for Pig manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. It is necessary to keep clean the inside air of stall to increase the productivity. An air cleaner of wet type, consisting of a fan, a motor, rotating discs, a dust collector, a water bowl, an ozone generator etc, has been developed to clean the stall air. The work principle is that the inside air is sucked through the fan, and the rotating discs make water into fineness spray and blow into the stall. The rest water flows down to the dust collector.

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Product Description

High quality Cooling Pad for Pig is offered by China manufacturers Deba Brothers®. Deba Brothers® developed cooling pad for pigs for areas with low humidity and low temperature. Cooling pad for pig is a cooling system which is mainly used in climatic regions with hot and dry summers. The cooling pad for pig is based on the principle of evaporation. The higher the temperature and the lower the relative humidity, the higher the cooling effect.

Cooling Pad for Pig Accessories

Exhaust fan

stainless steel material

Ventilation fan

stainless steel material

Axial fan

stainless steel material

Cooling Pad for Pig Advantage

1.The product contain surface active agent,natural water absorb ability fast perversion speed,lasting effectiveness.A drop of water can diffuse in 4-5 seconds.
2.Height of absorb:60-70MM/5 minutes,200mm/1.5 hours,can achieve international standard.
3.The product don’t contain phenol which easy to skin allergy and other chemical substances,when installed non-toxic harmless to human body,safety,energy saving,environment protection and economic application.
4.High quality corrosion resistant aluminum alloy frame with long service life.
5.The air curtain with the same material as the air cooler has less burrs,fine workmanship and strong water absorption.
6.Evaporative cooling pad will not cause any pollution and will be good for health, environment-friendly and energy-saving due to adopting water as medium.
7.When moisture evaporates ,it will not only lower temperature naturally ,but also produce many negative oxygen ions, which will effectively increase the amount of oxygen in the air.
8.Strict quality testing procedures:noise testing,vibration testing,fan blade speed testing.

Cooling Pad for Pig details

1.Inner loop cooling pad:Automatically control the water level.
2.High quality corrugated paper:Careful workmanship and strong water absorption.
3.Aluminum alloy edge:Long service life.
4.Water absorption:Natural water absorbability.Energy saving and environmental protection.

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