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Introducing Deba Brothers Galvanized Triangular Bar (TriDEK) Flooring System


Deba Brothers presents the innovative Galvanized Triangular Bar (TriDEK) Flooring System, a superior choice for nursery pig and farrowing barn applications. Crafted to deliver exceptional performance, TriDEK floors are constructed from rolled steel rods boasting a tensile strength of 80,000 psi and a hardness of 95 Rb. These rods are precision-cut and then resistance welded to a 13/32” diameter cross rod. As a pioneer in the swine industry, Deba Brothers is the sole manufacturer offering resistance welded metal flooring solutions.

Superior Resistance Welding

Deba Brothers' resistance welded TriDEK floors showcase an impressive average weld strength of over 7,500 pounds, surpassing traditional MIG welded floors, which average 5,500 pounds.

Resistance welding technology ensures unmatched weld consistency and strength, outperforming MIG welded metal flooring options.

TriDEK's unique triangular bar shape and consistently welded joints result in the cleanest metal pig flooring available in the market today.

TriDEK Specifications

Resistance welded TriDEK flooring stands stronger than conventional MIG welded metal farrowing floor alternatives.

Triangular Rod Dimensions: 1/3” x 1/3” x 1/3”

Rod Opening Spacing: 3/8”

Finish: Hot-dipped galvanized to ASTM A123/A standards, ensuring extended durability and resistance against corrosion.

Variety of Sizes and Finishes

TriDEK flooring offers versatility, ranging up to 2.5 feet wide and 14 feet long.

Choose from smooth or dimpled surface (no-slip) options.

Opt for a standard flat deck or traction-break deck top design, tailored for sows' needs.

Select self-supported or non-supported designs to align with different barn layouts.

Diverse TriDEK Flooring Options

Deba Brothers' TriDEK metal flooring sections come in various sizes and designs, catering to robust floor solutions for both nursery and farrowing barn environments.

Hog Slat's TriDEK metal farrowing floor variant features traction breaks and non-slip grip indentions, providing varied flooring surfaces to offer extra support to sows while standing or lying down.

Self-Supported Excellence

TriDEK's self-supported floors boast a truss system that eliminates the necessity of floor frames or additional supports. These floors can span up to 12-foot openings without requiring further reinforcement.

Non-Supported Reliability

Non-supported TriDEK flooring, on the other hand, necessitates support through beams or frames.

Both self-supported and non-supported TriDEK flooring panels come with finished options such as traction breaks and no-slip grip indentions. Traction breaks, 5 inches wide and 3/8 inches deep, enhance sow support during standing and sitting, reducing slippage and potential sow injuries.

Enhanced Farrowing Floor Combo

Deba Brothers' ingenious combination of cast iron and TriDEK farrowing floor ensures a sturdy and comfortable environment for sows and piglets alike. The cast iron center sections contribute to sow cooling, while the TriDEK creep flooring sections complete the farrowing crate floor assembly.

TriDEK Floor Patches

Deba Brothers' TriDEK floor patches offer a seamless solution for replacing worn wire flooring sections. These patches are user-friendly and provide superior cleanliness compared to wire or cast iron replacements. Installing TriDEK patches is straightforward and efficient, allowing pork producers to maintain a pristine and functional flooring system.

Discover the Deba Brothers Galvanized Triangular Bar (TriDEK) Flooring System - a testament to excellence, durability, and innovation in modern swine industry flooring solutions.