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Improve Your Pig Farm's Efficiency with Deba Brothers® Heating Systems


Boost your pig farm's efficiency with Deba Brothers® heating systems, such as Infrared Heat Lamp Shades, Pig PP Heat Mats, and Piglet Nests. These products ensure warmth, safety, and optimal growth for your piglets.

Choose the Deba Brothers® Infrared Heat Lamp Shade for a cost-effective heating solution when combined with a pig heat lamp. This durable shade reduces the risk of injury from excessive temperatures and is made of rust-resistant and scald-proof materials for long-lasting performance.

Key benefits of the Infrared Heat Lamp Shade include:

  1. Protection against cold drafts for piglets, maintaining a warm environment.
  2. Consistent circulation and refraction of heat energy for better insulation.
  3. Compatibility with a variety of Infrared Heating Lamp Breeding Bulbs (100W/150W/175W/200W/250W).

The Deba Brothers® Pig PP (Polypropylene) Heat Mat is a durable, energy-saving, and easy-to-clean heating solution for piglets. Placed on the floor in piglets' resting areas, the heat mats deliver direct, consistent warmth. Constructed from wear-resistant polypropylene material, these mats support the piglets' weight without deforming.

Advantages of the Pig PP Heat Mat include:

  1. Winter warmth, improving piglet survival rates.
  2. High-strength heating wire, no leakage, and A0 flame-retardant material for enhanced safety and durability.
  3. Rapid, energy-efficient heating with even heat dissipation.
  4. Non-slip floor surface to protect piglets' feet.
  5. Wiring port at the bottom to prevent pigs from biting.
  6. Universal hanging port for easy connection.
  7. Reduction of piglet dysentery.

Deba Brothers® Piglet Nest, designed for farrowing crates and wean pens, offers warmth and comfort for piglets when used with heating pads. The open design facilitates easy monitoring of piglets' activities and growth.

Notable features of the Piglet Nest include:

  1. Removable installation for effortless transport, assembly, and disassembly.
  2. Simplified observation of piglets' activities, growth, and health.
  3. Thermal heat lamp for continuous temperature control and warmth.
  4. High-quality, thick material for a durable, pressure-resistant, and long-lasting thermal box.

Invest in Deba Brothers® heating systems to enhance your pig farm's efficiency and provide a warm, comfortable environment for piglets. Contact us today to discover our innovative heating solutions!