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【Liquid feeding system】Anhui Huangshan 400 sows farm


The experiment conducted by the British Meat and Livestock Commission shows that fattening pigs fed with liquid feed of the same nutritional level grow faster than fattening pigs fed with dry feed, and the feed to meat ratio in the whole process can be reduced by about 0.2. Such experimental results have also been confirmed in some domestic universities and feed enterprises.

The selling cost will be reduced by 0.36-0.4 yuan per kilogram for every 0.1 decrease in the feed meat ratio throughout the process. According to this calculation, the use of liquid feed for pigs will bring an additional income of 0.7 yuan per kilogram to the pig farm. A fattening farm with 100000 pigs sold annually will save more than 7.7 million yuan in the feed cost of the whole farm in the whole year if 110 kg is sold.


You can experience the scene of feeding pigs with liquid fermentation material through the live video of the liquid fermentation material feeding system of Anhui Huangshan Humenda Project Phase I 400 sows self breeding and self breeding farm.

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